Dispute Process

Dispute Process

29th January 2019 0 By V

When a buyer and a seller disagree over a trade, either user can initiate a dispute over the cryptocurrency held in escrow. Disputed trades are flagged for review and are resolved by the XCH4NGE dispute staff.

Disputes can only be started on trades that are open with payments marked as sent by the buyer. Trades that are not marked as paid by the buyer, have had payment confirmed by the seller, cancelled by the buyer prior to payment, automatically cancelled, or already disputed and resolved are considered completed and cannot be disputed, reversed, or altered.

Trader Unresponsive

When you are in an open trade, it is important that you remain active and available; from the time the trade is started to the time that the trade is completed, canceled, or resolved. This means that you must be able to provide a response to a request by XCH4NGE in a disputed trade within 4 hours. Otherwise you may be deemed as unresponsive and the dispute may be resolved against you.

Dispute Review

When a trade has been called into dispute, in some cases XCH4NGE support may give you instructions in order to resolve the dispute. The instructions given to you may require you to provide:

  • Proof of payment,
  • Proof that you have or have not received payment (e.g. bank transaction history)
  • Additional ID verification, photo; audio; or video evidence, or any other documents deemed relevant by XCH4NGE.

These documents must be sent to XCH4NGE support via the specified channel, which may be email, within the transaction window, or via Live Chat. Failing to follow the support instructions may lead to the dispute being resolved in the favour of the other party.

Dispute Resolution

A disputed trade is most commonly resolved by XCH4NGE support. Moving the escrowed bitcoin to the buyer or the seller of the disputed trade once the dispute resolution criteria are met.

In rare situations where neither party can provide satisfactory evidence of payment or lack of payment, or it is unclear/not possible to determine which party has fulfilled the dispute resolution criteria, XCH4NGE may decide to resolve the dispute by enforcing a split balance return between the buyer and the seller, evenly or unevenly.

Dispute Resolution Criteria

XCH4NGE can resolve a disputed trade to a buyer when one of the following criteria are met:

  • The buyer has made payment from their XCH4NGE verified bank account and buyer has provided sufficient proof that the payment was made from this account.
  • The seller has become unresponsive.

XCH4NGE can resolve a disputed trade to a bitcoin seller when one of the following criteria are met:

  • The buyer has not made payment or only made a partial payment
  • The buyer has not responded to XCH4NGE support requests for evidence of payment
  • The buyer’s payment has been held/frozen/stopped by the payment provider
  • The payment is made by an unapproved bank account OR the payment is from an account not registered in the name of the buyer.

If either party in a disputed trade attempts to submit documents to mislead or defraud the counter-party; if either party makes false claims or otherwise tries to influence or enforce a particular outcome of a disputed trade, the dispute may be resolved against that user by XCH4NGE support.

Incorrect Dispute Resolution

If you believe XCH4NGE has resolved a dispute you were involved in in a way which is not in accordance with these terms, you have a right to request a review from the dispute team. To request a review, you must notify us and specifically request a review by contacting disputes@xch4nge.com no later than 30 days after the dispute resolution.