Sell Cryptocurrency Online

Sell Cryptocurrency Online

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How to Sell Crypto with XCH4NGE

So you’ve decided that you want to sell cryptocurrency online. No problem! Selling crypto in the UK with the XCH4NGE platform is safe and simple. In order to sell with us, you will first have to go through the user registration process. Once you have completed the registration process and received confirmation of your acceptance to the platform, you can begin.

Logging In

The first step to sell crypto is to log in to XCH4NGE. This will take you directly to your user dashboard. You should see a button that reads “Sell”. Click this button, which will then take you to your XCH4NGE wallet page. The balance of all currencies you own will be shown along with additional information including market price, P/L, and more. Click the “sell” button on the far right hand side of the currency you wish to sell, which will open the listings window.

Creating a Listing

Once the listing window has appeared, you can set the total amount of assets you would like to sell, the % markup you would like to set for these assets, and your maximum transaction limit (hard limit of £50,000 GBP per transaction). Please note that when you set your markup level, the Price field will automatically update to ‘List Trade’ button to confirm your sales listing. This will take you to the ‘Buy’ order book, where your listing will be marked by a gold chevron.

Beginning Your Sale

As soon as someone wants to trade with you, you will receive a notification on the website as well as an email notification. Following these notifications will take you to the Communication page, where you will see the transaction total (amount of cryptocurrency they would like to purchase and its fiat value) and the chat window. If interested, click confirm trade. At this point, an automated message will be sent to the buyer letting them know that you have confirmed the trade. This message will be followed by the release of your bank details to the buyer, and theirs to yours. Take note of the reference code, as a busy seller may have multiple payments hitting their account in a small window of time.

Please note that you have a maximum of 5 minutes to accept a trade. This ensures both buyer and seller are actively engaged with the transaction, and prevents excessive waiting times for the buyer.

Receiving & Confirming Payment

Once you have confirmed the trade and sent your bank details to the buyer, the clock has started on the payment process. As with earlier steps, this step is time-sensitive; the payment must be sent and confirmed within 30 minutes for the transaction to be valid. This should not be an issue, as most payments will be in your bank account within 5 minutes of being sent.

Once the buyer has completed the payment, you will receive an automated message confirming the payment and prompting you to check your account. Check your account for a transaction matching the order total and then press the ‘Bank Transfer Complete’ button only if the payment has been received from the correct account.

This will send an automated confirmation message to the buyer, release the escrowed coins, and mark the transaction as complete. Congratulations, you have just sold cryptocurrency with XCH4NGE!

Raising a Dispute

Unfortunately, not every transaction goes smoothly. You may need to dispute a transaction when the following criteria are met:

  • The buyer has not provided payment or not provided the correct payment
  • The payment made by the buyer has been frozen/held/stopped by the payment provider
  • The payment is made by a non-verified/third party bank account

To raise a dispute, press the blue ‘Dispute’ button underneath the transaction chat window. Please note that if either party provides fraudulent information/documents in the dispute process, XCH4NGE reserves the right to immediately settle the dispute against the party in violation. If you believe that XCH4NGE has resolved a dispute in a manner not in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, you may request a review by contacting customer support no more than 30 days after the resolution in question.

Get started now!

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