XCH4NGE Launches Platform Overhaul

XCH4NGE Launches Platform Overhaul

11th June 2019 0 By V

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You Spoke, and We Heard You

We are now several months into post-launch operations here at XCH4NGE, but our work has barely begun. As a community-focused platform, we want to make sure we’re giving our users the tools and features they need to succeed, and sometimes that means taking criticism. We asked our users and ambassadors what they wanted from their platform, and they had plenty of suggestions. Never ones to sleep on improvement, naturally we got to work. Here’s what’s going on at XCH4NGE HQ.


A New Way to Buy

Excitingly, we have recently introduced a new type of order for users- the buy order. Where you previously could only pursue crypto listed for sale, you can now also ‘set and forget’ purchase orders. Just choose how much you’d like to buy (and at what price), and you’ll be notified when someone wants to sell to you! We anticipate that this new feature will dramatically cut wait times for our users, as well as encourage more organic liquidity in our order books.


A Sleek New Look

The story of the ugly duckling who becomes a beautiful swan is a children’s story familiar to most, but we never thought it would apply to business. After evaluating focus groups and user feedback, we suddenly realised that we were that duckling.


No longer. Our designers are putting together a top to bottom redesign, ready to usher in an entirely new style for XCH4NGE. Our users worldwide can expect to see sleek, intuitive UI to be introduced over the next quarter, with greatly improved experience for both desktop and mobile users.


Your Personal Broker

Tired of paying over the odds for your cryptocurrency through services like Coinbase? There’s a new broker in town. Starting this month, we will be trialing a new service where our UK users can buy and sell Bitcoin directly to XCH4NGE! We will be offering a quick, responsive service, as well as significantly lower premiums than the competition.


Looking Ahead
We may be busy improving our platform, but our ears (and inboxes) are open! We want to make XCH4NGE your favourite platform, and we won’t stop until we’re competing with the best. For inquiries related to buying and selling Bitcoin, please email info@xch4nge.com.