Listing Your Coins

If you would like help listing your coins within the XCH4NGE platform, we would require further information about

the currency (also known as tokens, coins or digital assets).

Before listing your coin, we need to ensure the token registered is in the best interest of our user base.

The procedure to list the tokens includes many steps, and usually from start to finish should take no longer than

three months if successful. Sometimes coins may take longer than the initial three months as we carry out further


The process starts by completing a non-disclosure agreement with XCH4NGE and the token creators.

The NDA can be obtained by emailing:

Once we receive your email, a member of the team will look at your project and userbase. If of interest to our user

base we will email you a non-disclosure agreement. The onboarding team will discuss the next steps with you

once we have received the non-disclosure agreement.

What we look for in Tokens?

While looking for tokens, we look for projects with a purpose and a deliverable roadmap.  Coins should not over

promise and under deliver as this tarnishes the world of crypto.

Teams involved in the token should be identifiable so that we can verify individuals with the digital asset. The

credibility of the team is critical to XCH4NGE as we have a responsibility to ensure our user safety.

Cryptocurrencies with larger user bases are more likely to get listed on the platform. The reason for large

userbases helping with registering your coin is the majority of our users will recognise the asset and may

already have requested it within the platform.

The token should be fully operational before applying, with no known issues with deposits and withdrawals.

Ensure enough integration information is available so that our technical team do not have issues with listing your

coins. Please also mention in the email whether the coin can be mined or not.

To register with XCH4NGE click here